Hot Water Recirculation Pump

This system uses the existing cold water pipe to send the unused water back to the water heater. This is a cost effective solution for homeowners who are frustrated with the wait for hot water but are unable to install the first option. The Comfort System can bring hot water quickly to areas in your home that take a long time to get hot water. For example, if your water is far away from your shower or kitchen, the recirculating pump will solve this problem.

  • Long-lasting: Fully stainless-steel construction on parts that will be in contact with water. Built-in thermal protection also ensures that the motor will continue running for longer periods
  • Energy-efficient: Low temperature motor is carefully designed with low energy consumption in mind. Now, less energy will be lost as heat.
  • Less hassle with the maintenance-free bi-directional mechanical seal and the automatic start-up and cut-off
  • Run dry protection helps prevent major, pump-changing damage
  • Maximum satisfaction with equally smooth water flow and pressure


  • Non Self-Priming
  • Pressure Bossting for indoor and outdoor use
  • Water Supply
  • Roof Tank Transfer Water System


  • Fully Stainless Steel Material on Wetted Parts
  • Motor with Thermal Protection Built-in
  • Low Temperature Motor
  • Maintenance-free bi-directional Mechanical Seal
  • Automatic Start-up and Cut-off
  • Run Dry Protection
  • Smooth Water Flow and Pressure

Hot Water Recirculation Pump

Model Recirculation Pump
Max. Capacity 2(M)3/hr
Total Head 38 Meter
Material SS/SS/SS/Mech Seal
Max. Working Pressure 10 Bar
Voltage 220V~240V / 50Hz /1Phase
Kw/RPM 0.5 Kw / 2900 RPM
Connection inlet 1″
Connection outlet 1″