Booster Pump

SE2-30, SE2-40, SE4-40

The SEERS Booster pump is a pressure booster suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Booster Pump provides fantastic water transference from tank to roof while maintaining constant pressure. As water-saving is SEERS main concern, the booster pump is non-self-pumping, providing higher efficiency in water transfer as well as energy usage.

  • Long-lasting: Fully stainless-steel construction on parts that will be in contact with water. Built-in thermal protection also ensures that the motor will continue running for longer periods
  • Energy-efficient: Low temperature motor is carefully designed with low energy consumption in mind. Now, less energy will be lost as heat.
  • Less hassle with the maintenance-free bi-directional mechanical seal and the automatic start-up and cut-off
  • Run dry protection helps prevent major, pump-changing damage
  • Maximum satisfaction with equally smooth water flow and pressure


  • Non Self-Priming
  • Pressure Bossting for indoor and outdoor use
  • Water Supply
  • Roof Tank Transfer Water System


  • Fully Stainless Steel Material on Wetted Parts
  • Motor with Thermal Protection Built-in
  • Low Temperature Motor
  • Maintenance-free bi-directional Mechanical Seal
  • Automatic Start-up and Cut-off
  • Run Dry Protection
  • Smooth Water Flow and Pressure

Piping Connection

Booster Pump

Model SE2-30 SE2-40 SE4-40
Max. Capacity 2(M)3/hr 2(M)3/hr 4(M)3/hr
Total Head 27 Meter 38 Meter 38 Meter
Material SS/SS/SS/Mech Seal SS/SS/SS/Mech Seal SS/SS/SS/Mech Seal
Max. Working Pressure 10 Bar 10 Bar 10 Bar
Voltage 220V~240V / 50Hz /1Phase 220V~240V / 50Hz /1Phase 220V~240V / 50Hz /1Phase
Kw/RPM 0.37 Kw / 2900 RPM 0.5 Kw / 2900 RPM 0.75 Kw / 2900 RPM
Connection inlet 1″ 1″ 1¼”
Connection outlet 1″ 1″ 1″
Bathroom 1 – 2 (+/-) 3 – 4 (+/-) 5 – 6 (+/-)