Zeus Air Cooler

Dehumidifying Air Cooler

The SEERS Air Cooler and Ventilation units are meant for the outdoors. It is portable and versatile, suitable for any use. Unlike the conventional evaporative air cooler system, the SEERS air cooler units are energy saving and environmentally friendly whilst providing higher levels of cold energy. The conventional evaporative air cooler system does not reduce humidity. Ours does. SEERS Air Coolers dehumidifies and reduces the wetness in the air therefore turning down the air humidity. Guests will be comfortable due to the lessened wetness and stickiness in the air.
Easy use for events held in factories, outdoor events, event halls and functions, our 3 specialized SEERS Air Coolers are the best choice for event use, particularly if there is a large crowd.

How it works
1. Hot and humid air enters the unit.
2. Water wets the cooling pad.
3. The fan generates suction of external hot air into the cooler.
4. As the hot dry air flows through the cooling pad,
liquid water absorbs heat and vaporizes.
5. Outputs dry and cool air.

Seers ZEUS Evaporative Air Cooler Characteristics

Controller panel – 50 speeds, 1 – 8 hours timer, notification during “low water”
Cooling pad – three sided cooling pad to prevent dust from entering the air cooler
Filter – to filter out any large particles of dust in the air
Plug – 5 meters, with electric leakage protection
UV Lamp (optional parts) – kills bacteria in the water
4” Brake Wheel – made of high quality and durable material and placed at the bottom for convenient movements
Manual Drainage Outlet – allows for easy operation and maintenance
Water Inlet Cap – Add water conveniently
Motor – F class, IP64 protection, high efficiency and energy saving
Fan – rigid nylon blades, corrosion resistant, gives out strong air supply
Wind bar – For air swing uniformity
Synchronous motor – For swinging left and right, smooth and quiet.
Material – 100% new PP, quality material and sun-proof cover


The SEERS series of air coolers and ventilation units are portable and easy to handle. We would say that setting up the air cooler and ventilation units are a breeze, totally intended. Flexible and convenient, the setting up and pack down of the units are time saving. It also saves energy. Used in an open area, evaporative air coolers are more energy saving, saving up to 80% of energy compared to conventional air coolers. The SEERS series is also environmentally friendly as it is run on tap water directly.

The humidity controller turns hot air into cool wind without emissions of harmful substances. As our country is a tropical one, humidity in the air can be thick, thus causing outdoor events to be uncomfortable due to sweating and stickiness. Due to expert technology, our SEERS air coolers dehumidifies the air around the space, lowering humidity levels and brings greater comfort to people all around.

Zeus Air Cooler

Model MAB20-IQ
Fan Speed 50-Speed
Controller Electronic digital panel/
remote control
Power/Current (kW/A) 1.1/7.5
Maximun Airflow (m3/h) 20000
Air Supply Distance (m) 32
Noise (db) ≤70
Fan Type Nylon 3 blade/axial
Motor Class/IP Grade F/IP64
Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz) 240/50
Air Outlet Size (L x H) 685×645
Water Tank Capacity (L) 175
Dimension (L x W x H) mm 1080 x 1080 x 2070