Term of Reference

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy

a) All forms of bribery and corruption are prohibited. SEERS BHD upholds a zero tolerance approach. In addition to bribery, Employees must not participate in any corrupt activity, such as extortion, collusion, breach of trust, abuse of power, trading under influence, embezzlement, fraud or money laundering.

b) Bribery may take the form exchange of money, goods, services, property, privilege, employment position or preferential treatment. Employees shall not therefore, whether directly or indirectly, offer, give, receive or solicit any item of value, in the attempt to illicitly influence the decisions or actions of a person in a position of trust within an organisation, either for the intended benefit SEERS BHD or the persons involved in the transaction.

c) This Policy applies equally to its business dealings with commercial (‘private sector’) and government (‘public sector’) entities, and includes interactions with their directors, Employees, agents and other appointed representatives at all levels. Even the perception of bribery is to be avoided.

d) This Policy applies to all countries worldwide, without exception and without regard to regional customs, local practices or competitive conditions.

e) No Employee will suffer demotion, penalty or other adverse consequences for refusing to pay or receive bribes or other illicit behaviour, even if such refusal may result in the company losing business or experiencing a delay in business operations.

f) SEERS BHD recognises the value of integrity in its Employees and Directors. SEERS BHD’s recruitment, training, performance evaluation, remuneration, recognition and promotion for all Employees, shall be designed to recognise integrity. SEERS BHD conducts due diligence on employees who holds or may be holding, Exposed Positions.

g) SEERS BHD does not offer employment to prospective Employees in return for previous favour/in exchange of improper favour.

h) SEERS BHD awards contracts and employee positions purely based on merits. Support letters in all forms shall not be recognised as part of the business decision making process.